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I have been fortunate that so many before me have taken great pains to keep names and dates of our ancestors. It has helped document and verify our line much easier. Tonight my Aunt sent to me some more documents of one of our Ancestors. A Civil War Veteran, a soldier that died during the War in TN.

Augustus “Gus” Williams


He was born in 1820 in Frederick County, Maryland, Died December 19, 1862 Camp Bulter, Memphis, Shelby Co., Tennessee during the Civil War. The cause of death was “Erysipelas”, and acute infectious disease of the skin, accompanied by inflammation and fever. He was the son of Benjamin F and Elizabeth (Simmons) Willams. He had been married twice, his first wife married December 4, 1844 in Fayette County, Illinois-Martha Jane Williams. She was born in 1827 died sometime between 1850 and 1854, their two children were John A. “Butch” and Levi Williams.

His second wife, our line was Senith(aka Cenith) Donaldson, this was her third marriage. They married on August 7, 1854 in Fayette County, Illinois. She was born February 11, 1828 and died August 17, 1908. Her parents were Barnett B. and Mary “Polly” (Andrews) Donadaldson.  Their  children: Charity Ann, Presley G., Ruth Jane, and Moses M. Augustus. Moses is the father of my Great Great Grandmother Mae Augusta Williams.

Now we can look for more information on his life, and time as a soldier. His uniform is a puzzle and I will have to look up what title he had as a soldier.


  1. I just joined to find more information about my family. Is that what you have been using too? This is great Dawn!


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