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Last week when we discovered the court case involving my Great Great Grandfather, it opened up another door. We found a site that had listed the death record for my Great Great Grandfather, and Margurette Tryon, known in the court case and 1900 US Census as Ada Tryon. The Death record for Ada (aka Margurette Mary Tryon on the death record) was not available via the site. So I emailed the register of TN and received an email this morning from them with the copy of the Records of Death for 1909. Ada was 15 years old at the time and according to the register, was an inmate of the St. Peter’s Orphanage. Cause of Death was Strangulation of Epileptic fit. Tonight I put together this quick little scrap page of the copy of the death record for my Great Grandfather’s sister, Ada Tryon. This document is also available on the site. It is book D page 34, of the 1909 Record of Death.




  1. What an interesting turn of events! I’ve never heard of taking your sister’s name when she passes. I wonder why she did that? So curious. You have a lot of detective work ahead of you ;->

    (I’m visiting from VoiceBoks.)

    • Thank you for visiting. My cousin who is the grand daughter of the 2nd Margurette Mary Tryon has been having a difficult time getting much information from the orphanage on the family. It has been more than a 100 years since they were there and records still aren’t being released. Our family line document wise stops there and when you are confirming a line it is important to have as much documentation to back up the names. It is strange how two sisters would eventually gain this name through the orphanage, both having different names before. Hopefully as more documents are scanned into archives the answers will be found.

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