Beggars’ Night

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On October 30, 1926, my Grandma was born on Beggars’ night. She was the first child of Raymond F. Durbin and Ula Mae Akin Durbin.  She told me that Beggars Night was the “treat” portion of Trick or Treat years ago. From the research I have done, it is mainly a midwest tradition. My Great Grandfather Raymond F. Durbin was originally from Illinois.  The children would dress in their costumes and make evening rounds to homes and sometimes businesses. Gathering treats and sometimes they would receive things like buttons, and old jewelry. She collected these two jars for decades, full of little treasures and gave them to me years ago.


She would joke about not knowing exactly was in there, she had collected these as a child and young adult and maybe there might be a $20.00 in one. Tonight I dusted off these old jars and just took out a couple things from the top. Found a beautiful beaded ribbon with the letters BS on it, two fabric cats and a gold broach with red dangling beads in great condition. I placed all these lovely memories back in the jars. Things she had collected from Beggars’ night, her birthday, her own little time capsule.

Grandma as a young girl in a Clown Costume

I always find family traditions fascinating, we went Trunk and Treat with our 4 kids this last weekend. It was something completely new for us. Where people gathered on Base and decorated their cars, passing out candy for the kids. What are some traditions you share with your family?

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