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I wasn’t quite happy with the way my blog was getting cluttered under the old format, so tonight I decided to redesign my blog. While there are still a lot I need to fix and add to it, I am really happy with the header and background. I knew that you could use My Memories software to create blog designs for Blogspot, and gave it a try tonight for WordPress. I am using the Modern Blogger Theme, through Studio Press, but used My Memories Software for the header and background. The header was created using designs from Sugar Moon Designs Tea Party, and background was from her kit Lemonade Stand. Both kits available at My Memories store. The software is so easy to use that it only took me 15 minutes to create this. It took longer to decide which lovely kit to use than it did to create it.


  1. How awesome is this? I seriously need to get a wordpress for dummies book so I can figure out how to do some of this stuff. I had my blog designed and while I LOVE it, I am totally clueless on where to put stuff and how to use simple hooks with genesis. I am so impressed you were able to do this on your own. Nice work girl!

    • Thank you, at first it did seem overwhelming, yet following the forum and reading what other’s said it really came together. I am still working on the layout, but am happy with the design. Genesis is really fun.

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