Jammin’ with the Bots!

It’s that time of year again. The late nights, long weekends at school and hearing words that are only spoken when my oldest is prepping the robot for Competition.  Every January for the past 5 years, the Robotics team at his school begins building their newest creation for the FRC in Utah. This is my [Read On]

Pinecone Research

I have been working with Pinecone Research for over a year now. It is one of the best survey sites, and pays per survey 3.00. Occasionally you will receive products that have not been released to review. PineCone Research conducts on-line interviews with consumers from all walks of life to obtain their opinions about new [Read On]

Organizing Yourself Online

There are so many different tips out there on how to organize your research. You can’t keep it all online, external hard drives, CD’s. And after awhile the photos, and copies of different documents will take over. Life can become a clutter for us genealogists. Some years back I came across this site, Organize Yourself [Read On]

Backing up your work

I was very lucky recently when my old laptop quit and hard drive was still working. However it could have been a different story completely. I do try to remember to back up my research on an External Hard drive. Honestly, I am like everyone else, forgetful. After hours of browsing, gathering, editing photos, scrapbooking, [Read On]

Using Google Books

Free Week at Ancestry.com

Ancestry.com is holding another free week to seek out your Ancestors. Connect with others to get this needed information. Search all the Immigration and Travel Records at Ancestry.com

101 Brick Wall Busters

A few months back I took a wonderful course through Family Tree University, called 101 Brick Wall Busters. It is something that happens when researching our family. Records are lost, destroyed in fires, or never even existed. Record keeping wasn’t as wide spread in the early days of our Nation, many areas never kept records [Read On]