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So more on the controversial TLC show- Extreme Couponing. One of the ladies was very irresponsible and honestly even though she had multiple transactions. Violated the terms on the coupons. Shelf clearing and 30+ transactions are not only a violation of the terms 4 coupons PER customer, but very RUDE.. Please review your coupons closely with store policy, most of what this show promotes is not REAL life situations. Only once have I had a 98% savings, and that was at Rite Aid, buying clearance items, using coupons and using Wellness card. The norm is 50-60% savings with A LOT of work at first. Then over time like everything else you become a pro…

I highly recommend Jill’s Super Couponing DVD

Her DVD will show you how to properly use coupons, and truly save. The way the show promotes it doesn’t fully explain the process nor rules you are to follow. Click to view FREE clips from my Super-Couponing® and Super-Couponing® 2 DVDs online. Shipping is a flat $5.95

Some other really helpful sites that have great instruction on saving money is We Use Coupons, Nathan from the first season is Mr. Coupon. This is his site, and very helpful. Another useful site is Pinching your Pennies, this was the first real forum type site I visited. It helped me save so much on a new blue ray player for my husband a few Thanksgivings back. It was great being online browsing the Pre Black Friday sales and getting better deals while in the comfort of my home and being around family.

Sites such,, have great specials on everyday items. Anything from photos, to magazines, travel, coupons, discounts, you name it… And check out my tab on saving money for more links to save money.


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    I love that there are people out there teaching the proper way and ethical way to coupon.

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