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Most of us think of New Year’s Resolutions. Some with the best intentions, and some with dread.  If you’re a motivated individual who started 2012 with a quest to improve yourself, I salute you for your ambitiousness and offer you a few tips — HM style!

1) Lose weight

This is a popular one often leading to increased gym memberships and regular attendance for about one month. To lose weight with Heritage Makers, you can turn all those boxes of pictures and photo albums into digital albums. Then back the files up on Archival CDs, Archival DVDs and external drives, finally uploading them to HM’s “virtual vault” — our servers. It’s important to archive your digital photo files, because computers can crash and destroy priceless memories without remorse, leaving you crying to the computer store technician about all the great photos that are gone forever.

Need help scanning? I can scan all your photographs locally using HM services or the flip-pal.

Our Basic account stores up to 2GB of photos, while Premier accounts come with unlimited storage. (NOTE: There is a $19 a month charge for the Premier account) An added benefit to storing your photos with HM is you can always download your high-resolution originals from your account at any time to any computer and print them.

For traditional scrapbookers, preserve your handmade albums that you’ve spent so much time, money and effort. Scan your albums and preserving them into digital pages in a hardbound storybooks. Then leave out the less-expensive storybook for your family to enjoy reading and put your traditional scrapbook safely in storage. It’s also a great way for everyone to have copies of their own without having to make them!

2) Get organized

Do you have digital photos filling up your computer’s storage? Do you have multiple memory cards just waiting to be downloaded from your camera? Do you have boxes of print photographs? Do you have piles of school work and artwork saved from your children? Do you have special documents and mementos you’ve been saving but haven’t found a way to preserve?

Don’t delay! Start by contacting me for assistance in organizing your photographs, scrapbook albums, kids artwork/schoolwork and other important documents you treasure.

3) Send out timely greeting cards all year-long

Every January, how many of us vow to be better at mailing out greeting cards for special occasions? We mark them down in our calendars only to frantically run to the nearest Hallmark store at the last-minute to find a card, quickly sign, stamp and mail it in hopes of getting it there before it becomes belated.

I can help you with this too! With our high-quality 5×7 greeting cards, postcards and invitations, you can quickly design a personalized card to send loved ones instead of a store-bought version. Add photos of the birthday recipient and yourself and include personal sentiments. Sign it digitally then have it direct-shipped to the person without making a trip to the card store or the Post Office. All done from the comfort and convenience of your home!

And with our Template Gallery, you can access more than 150 cards ready-made for every occasion! Fill out and personalize each template in a matter of minutes, or you can modify the template design to make it your own. If you’d rather, start from scratch and be your own designer with access to more than 30,000-plus pieces of digital artwork at your fingertips!

Simply fill in your Address Book then “click to ship” special greetings to family and friends with minimal effort and expense. Ask me how you can get started with these one-of-a-kind creations that will touch everyone who receives one!

Don’t wait any longer!  send me an email, and let me help you fulfill those resolutions.