Extreme Couponing-Super Couponing

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Jill Cataldo has been on several shows sharing her techniques for saving money during these tough times. Here is her newest videos,

With Super-Couponing, you’ll learn…

Secrets of the couponing pros
The number one mistake most couponers make
What products you’ll never have to pay for again
How to “stack” coupons for bigger savings
Why the Internet has made couponing easier
How to get the store to “pay you” to shop!

Want to save even more money?
With Super-Couponing 2, you’ll learn…

  • How to “Think Like a Couponer”
  • Multi-Stacking: Combining multiple deals

  • The year-long grocery cycle
  • The best month to buy clothing
  • Not-to-be-missed seasonal bargains
  • Coupon tips for clearance & online shopping


  1. i haven’t read it all yet and i’m just getting strtaed but so far worth every penny (which weren’t a lot) and i’m telling every one go to this site1!!!!!! Thank you so much for helping me know how to do this MYSELF.the difference between what i’m learning with the smart couponing system vs just blogs and website deals is akin to feed a man a fish or teach him to fish. Thank you again!!!!

    • Today, I hit it big at Walgreens. I had Hersheys Bliss and Secret Clinical coupons and both were on sale, plus I had resitger rewards. I got 3 bags of Hersheys, one Secret, a travel size Degree Anitperspirant and a newspaper and my total came to $15.62. Then I received $5.00 in resitger rewards. Wow!!!

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