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There are many sites out there that meet several different needs for every Genealogist. All of them have added features that include web sharing. A few years back I searched for genealogy software that offered photograph and Web design features. Preserving my families photos is very important to me. There is so much that I had never seen, and wish I knew the stories behind the faces. As a military family we travel around quite a bit, so the web is a useful tool to keep in touch and share data with family. The newest features of the new Family Tree Maker 2012 will make sharing a lot easier for families. These new features are:

2.       Blended Family view- now you can add step children, step relatives easily  

3.       Index of Individuals Report

4.       Chart improvements- show generation labels, add your text anywhere in the chart, and Option to limit descendant chart to the direct lineage between people.

5.       Report improvements- Custom fact sentences, automatic smart story generation, which includes individual, spouse, and children, and the research notes report is changed to “Notes Report” with the options to also include several other types of notes.


As with the prior Family Tree Maker Software organizing media files, enhancing your family trees with Charts, photos, audio, video, and much more will still be included. September 2011, and Family Tree Maker is releasing the newest version FTM 2012. I am looking forward to receiving my copy of family tree maker this month and sharing with you all my full review of the software.

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