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There are many things that I absolutely love about My Memories, it is easy, quick, classy, and the designers always have lovely layouts that add such beauty to my photos. Plus each week they offer freebies, both on Facebook and on their site. Here is the latest freebies for this week, it is in .PNG format and can be used with or without the software.

I took a photo of my Great Grandparents Raymond F. Durbin and Ula Mae Akin Durbin on their Wedding day and used the newest freebie to add a new page to their scrapbook.  My Great Grandma’s sister Ida Faith had hand painted their wedding photo. My Aunt Theresa gave it to me during my last visit and I used my Flip-pal scanner to scan in the photo. It didn’t need any editing at all.

These are the two new free layouts for this week. Each embellishment can be mixed and matched with each kit. The sizes are flexible and can be changed to any size you want your scrapbook to be. When you want to share your scrapbook you can make it into a DVD that can be played on any DVD player, you can have it printed by any company that prints scrapbooks, such as Snapfish. And even though you have saved it, you can always go back and edit or change things around.


MyMemories Suite is a great gift for someone who enjoys scrapbooking or someone that needs an introduction to the fun world of digital scrapbooking. Don’t forget to use Discount code STMMMS36408 for your $10.00 savings on the software and $10.00 off your digi scraps.


  1. I’ve been scrapbooking for a good 15 years and love the toiaitarndl method as well as the digital method. Recently I’ve gotten into the hybrid method which is 70% digital and 30% toiaitarndl. That being said, I can’t really print photobooks (which really are inexpensive) because I prefer thicker loose prints to be able to add embellishments the toiaitarndl way. So I recently purchased a wide format printer in order to print on thicker paper. Yes, it’s a big investment but in the long run it’s cheaper. Here’s why I say that. I’m getting ready to print a scrapbook of my new little nephew. So far I have a good 40 pages!! I’ve checked various photo websites and the prices are outrageous!! The cheapest I’ve seen is $5. 39 per 12 x 12 print! That’s a whopping $215. 60, plus shipping. Just printing these pages twice would amount to what I paid for my printer. Yes, I have to buy paper. Yes, I have to buy ink. But, on average I’m saving $80. I have to print my pages anyway so why not do it saving money. I really believe digital scrapbooking is cheaper. And to have the ability to share the pages/albums with friends and family that aren’t close by makes it even more worthwhile.

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