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I was recently selected to be part of the Fresh Baby review: What’s the Right Amount of Food for My Family’s Plate? One of the most important things to me is to provide the best nutritional needs for my children. I received my box a couple weeks ago with all these goodies.


Let’s Move Foam Puzzle  What does being active mean to your family?  Your children?  This fun foam puzzle will keep your little ones busy (while you wash the dishes) and give your ideas on how you can keep you family moving.


Kid’s 4-section Plate   This colorful plate, perfectly sized for little people is filled with bright images of healthy food and fun activities.  Involve your children in the meal time process by allow them to fill their plate with healthy choices from each of the four food groups.

Here are my youngest 3 wearing the apron and holding the plates.




 Adult 4-section Plate  This 8” plate with dividers marking the normal portion size for each food group is the perfect way to set an example for healthy eating at the dinner table.

Kid’s Portion Tip Card (Also available for download here) How much you feed your children is as important as what you feed them.  The Kid’s Portion Tip Card allows you to quickly view common foods by food group for children ages 2-8.


Adult Water Bottle Drinking plenty of water is essential to good health. Fresh Baby’s collapsible water bottle lets you stay hydrated anytime, anywhere.  We will also be sending you our Mom’s Water Bottle. This is another great way to be a role model of healthy eating (and drinking) to your children, by avoiding sugary drinks and encouraging more water.


Kid’s Water Bottle Drinking plenty of water is essential to active children.  Fresh Baby’s waterfall design let’s children see the water in the bottle and makes drinking water fun!

Kid’s Apron  It’s important to enjoy your food and one way to do that is to prepare it.  So let your child slip on this bright new apron and lend a hand preparing a meal.  A sense of pride in what goes on the table may even mean that he or she tries something new at dinner tonight.

I enjoyed reading their articles their websites including How to Eat Healthy on a Budget, Eat Right When Money’s Tight, and Ten Tips for Building a Healthy Meal.

How do you build a healthier plate? Like the visual on the Adult My Plate or Kids My Plate that my kids are holding above. Here are some tips to get you started:

  • Make half your plate with Fruits & Vegetables
  • Switch to Fat-Free or Low-Fat (1%) Milk
  • Make at least half your Grains Whole
  • Compare sodium, sugars, and saturated fats in the foods you eat and choose the right ones.



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