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Today and today only Blogelina is having a sale on the Blog Makeover her site is offering. Grab this offer today for $79.00 rather than the normal price of $99.00. As you already know as a blogger, we spend a lot of time on design and set up of our blogs. That takes a lot of valuable time away from the purpose of our Blogs. Tanya, set my blog up from Blogger to WordPress and has help a lot in the design that I have now. Allowing me to focus more on my readers-YOU! So if you have just started out, and want to try a hosted blog, or have a new look for your blog this coming winter this is a perfect time to get the professional look you are looking for.


What we’ll do to get your new blog look up and running:

NOTE: We set up your year of web hosting using our affiliate link with You will receive a year of Godaddy’s Deluxe Hosting with this package. We have set up hundreds of clients with this hosting package and had no complaints. However, if you already have hosting or would rather use another host, please contact us for further info. After the first year, your web hosting costs will be your responsibility.



Blogelina\'s Blog Makeover Service

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