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As I sort through all these beautiful family memories that my Grandma had saved, I am always looking for wonderful ways to organize these photos to better share our families story. One software I have found is Heritage Collector software does all this. You Can Organize, find, and share your Photos.

With the Heritage Collector Professional Suite software program makes organizing your photos and digital images easy to share. This  program allows you to:

  • Group different file types into collections – With this feature you may create a digital file cabinet for all your research, whether it is in a pdf, doc, or jpg file.
  • Scan photos
  • Make slide shows
  • Create hard bound books
  • Create scrapbooks
  • Create map spots on an image
  • Organize media for quick retrieval
  • Annotate photos
  • Search by GPS location
  • Frame Photos

Version 7.0 boxed costs 29.95 and download is 24.95, the nice thing is you can download the free version to try out the software and won’t be disappointed. If you have boxes and boxes like I do, than this is the software to help you get organized. Here are just a few boxes at my Aunts house we need to sort through. We scanned on my Flip pal  579 photos and didn’t even place a dent in the amount of photos we have still to go through.







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