Jammin’ with the Bots!

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It’s that time of year again. The late nights, long weekends at school and hearing words that are only spoken when my oldest is prepping the robot for Competition.  Every January for the past 5 years, the Robotics team at his school begins building their newest creation for the FRC in Utah. This is my son next to this years Robot.



Here is the robot being tested tonight.


What activities is your kids into?


  1. Oh wow!! That is awesome!!! I’m not a robot person but that would be something fun to build, it seems!! My youngest is the last one in school and she is into volleyball, cheer, track and volunteering!! I’m praying this next year (her last year) goes by slow!!

    • Thank you, he has had a lot of fun working with these projects over the years. I know what you mean about hoping next year goes slow. My son is buying his cap and gown next week for Graduation next year. He isn’t my baby, but will be missed.

  2. how cool! you must be so proud. i used to be part of a group called odyssey of the mind in middle school…we weren’t quite as tech-savvy back then… 🙂

    • Thank you, I am very proud of him. He is great with technology, and geek stuff. I was president of the computer club back when it was DOS and Apple, lol dated myself there. It wasn’t nearly as fun as it is now.

  3. That ´s so cool!
    Since my son is only 1year 5 months old then at the moment he is only into playing his toy cars 🙂

  4. Smart kids! And smart robot! My kids are all grown up, but after seeing this, it helps me have faith that the future is in good hands with kids like yours!

    Stopping by from the ocmmentathon and I’m so glad I did!

    • Thank you for visiting, and commenting. It is reassuring watching these kids work on the robots. I wish the news would put out happy stories like these instead of the troubled teens.

  5. i don’t have any kids – but when i was a kid, i used to like playing on the swings a LOT and stuff…. 😀

  6. How fun! Looks like your son is very creative and talented! Hope he does well in his competition! My little ones are into reading and playing (but they are only toddlers). 🙂

  7. my friend’s son did this as well. He really enjoyed it. What a great experience for the kids too.

  8. Wow! How cool! My older daughter likes to write. She writes the blog with me but she also likes to write stories. My younger daughter is still discovering what she likes to do.

  9. My kiddo is my husband daughter. She’s only with us on weekends. Right now (at 9) she is not involved in any school activities. We did have her in ballet until her grades started to slip. 🙁 Her older brother is in to football so I had hoped she might spark an interest in cheer. I wasn’t into cheer, but I would really like to see her get into some sort of exercise routine. Sadly, the mother isn’t really into driving the kids to things after school nor would she attempt to find a carpool. Hopefully, things will change as she gets older. I feel like she is really missing out on some key friendships! Good luck to your son on his robotics contest.

  10. That’s really neat. My daughter is in 4H and competitive volleyball. We stay busy!

    • Thank you for visiting my blog. I did 4H as a kid showing rabbits, it was so much fun. What is she working on. Volleyball sounds fun, never really got into sports, but knew people who did.

  11. This is so cool! What a great activity! My son is only 11 years old. He likes video games and preforming in the Church’s Puppet Ministry. He need another hobby! I will show him this one!

  12. Amazing! Awesome job by your son and his robotics team!
    My daugter is into soccer and plays for her highschool

  13. Oh wow, that is really cool! My son is still a toddler, but I’ll be thrilled if he’s into stuff like this!

    • Thank you, I introduced him at an early age to different technology projects. When he latched onto this in the 7th grade I was so happy. He could earn a scholarship through these programs. You can find a few at any hobby shop like Joanns, Micheals, and on Amazon. They are available for various ages.

  14. Awesome robot project! My five year old son is into Karate, Basketball, and all things computer and technology at such an early age. I am stopping by from the Commenthon so nice to meet you!

  15. That is totally awesome loving the robots. I can’t wait for my boys to get bigger, maybe they will be into this kinda thing with their dad. Totally a nerd mom over here lol!!

  16. How neat, my kids aren’t old enough for building things like that yet, but I’m looking forward to that day! I know my husband will love building things like that with them!

  17. Robots are cool. My son would love that. I like how you are into geneology. I’m Mormon, so family history is huge for me as well. Thanks for sharing!

  18. Wow your son builds robots! Mine is still too young but I pray he finds his passion and follows it. It’s gotta be cool to see that robot in action live and know that your”baby” made it!

  19. Very admirable. Very talented and has such a promising future. Congratulations!

  20. Wow, you are raising your kids well. And I admire you for that! Your son is so blessed to have a great mom like you 🙂 Can’t wait to read more. Enjoy the weekend!

  21. Very cool. I wish my son would get into something like this. He’s into art right now, but isn’t so hip on taking a class or having structure. He also plays a little soccer. Great job!

  22. That is so neat! Robots are so cool. My sister would totally have been into that.

    My own kid is only 4 months old, so right now she loves playing with hands. Also, anything she can possibly put into her mouth…

  23. This is so awesome. My five year old loves Legos so I hope that one day he’ll transition into robotics. How did your son get started.

  24. Very nice! 🙂 My son also likes to build robots. 🙂

  25. Your son must be really smart–that is so cool. My kids are younger, but somehow we all stay busy. Two are made to do piano, and one of them is also made to do ninjitsu, and the rest are too young.

  26. Awesome robot!! Your son is quite the inventive genius, you have an awesome adventure ahead! Thank you for sharing.

  27. How fun! It’s nice to see kids interested in something positive like this. You should be very proud!

  28. Hi Dawn. Looks like they are doing a great job with their robotics program. My daughter is in her 30’s now, a wife, mother of two (3 years and 5 years old), and a full time student working on teaching credentials to teach high school math. Sounds like you have some adventures with your children.

  29. What a smart son you have. That is brilliant. I am fascinated about the ability to build and imagine something like a robot. Thanks for sharing this and encouraging your son.

  30. Your son is extremely creative and talented. You must be so proud. Perhaps he could build a gadget for you to use around the house.

  31. Your son must have felt so good about this accomplishment! Just the challenge of designing this bot was huge and then the reward of seeing it move and respond to commands!!! Good for him! My son is grown now with children of his own, can’t wait to see what his son invents because – I know he will! I loved the video, thanks for sharing.

  32. I didn’t know this was a real competition…or something just thought up for the BIG BANG THEORY. LOL

    This was enlightening. Good luck your your son’s team!

  33. Wow – such talent! This looks so fun 🙂

  34. I honestly had only seen mention of a robot competition on tv (The Big Bang Theory) before…I had no idea these competitions actually existed in real life! That’s pretty awesome.

  35. My nephew is on a robotics team. It is very neat!

    That’s a nice sized robot! How was the competition?

  36. Wow, that is so cool! I’ve never built my own robot or known anyone who did. I remember that I used to watch these big robot tournaments on TV when I was young though. You’re son’s very talented!

  37. That video was amazing to watch. Crazy how the world has such talented people. My brother in law does something very similar to this and will have to share this video with him 🙂

  38. My kids are into blocks, legos, playing kitchen, and imagining with dolls. It’ll be awhile before they can tackle something like this. Fun!

  39. This is so cool! Thank you for sharing. I don’t have kids yet but when I do I will encourage them to try out as many activities as they can. I want to expose them to new experiences to broaden their little worlds. 🙂

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