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There is a lot of information you can get about your ancestors through Land Records. Land Records date further back than Birth and Death Certificates because it was taxed. If you have hit a brick wall in your research, try land records. Here is a great kit through Family Tree Shop that has a lot of resources on researching land records.

Learn how to unearth your family history with land records!

The resources in this value pack will teach you:

  • what types of records to look for and where to find them
  • how to master land-records terminology and decipher land descriptions
  • how to plot your ancestors’ property
  • how to use land records in your genealogy research to track families and link generations


Land Records 101: Family Tree University Independent Study Course (Download)
Master the basics of US land records research, including what documents to look for (online and offline) to help guide your search.


Platting Rectangular Survey System Properties
(OnDemand Video Class)
Learn how to plat ancestral properties on the rectangular survey system, also known as the public land survey system.

Platting Metes and Bounds Properties (OnDemand Video Class)
Early land records used indiscriminate survey systems — based on landmarks such as trees, rocks and rivers. We’ll offer help to plat ancestral properties described using these metes and bounds.


Research Strategies: Using Land Records (Download)
Perplexed by patents and plats? Confused by claims? Survey our beginner’s guide to land records.

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