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As a mother of 4 kids, 3 in which that I homeschool, I wanted to share with my readers today a great program that I have been using with my kids. My youngest 3 are ages 6years old, 4 years old, and my baby is 2 years old, I have been using Reading Eggs for a little while. They really enjoy the songs and puzzles on Reading Eggs. 

With Reading Eggs  you have an unique online world where children learn to read from ages 3-7.  The program supports each individual child’s learning skills by offering an individual, one-on-one lessons that allows children to progress at their own pace. My kids love the more than 1,000 activities, games, songs, golden eggs and other rewards that are part of the program. It is great to have my kids ask to use Reading Eggs, and can’t wait til morning to start the program again. And considering that Reading Eggs has successfully taught more than ONE million children to read with a 99.6% parental satisfaction rating, that makes the program all that much better for me.


Here is the details on Reading Eggs, ages and what each child will learn. When my kids are having fun, they learn more and want to be more active in the program, and for less than 1.40 a week this is a great benefit for my kids.

Book Packs, Activity Books and Flashcards

Level: 4 to 7 year olds, learning to read.

The Starting Out level has 40 Reading Eggs online lessons and covers the alphabet, letter sounds and first words. Book Packs 1-4 and Activity Books 1-4 have been created to reinforce these online lessons.

Beginning to Read is the next level with Reading Eggs online lessons 41-80. Book Packs 5-8 and Activity Books 5-8 reinforce these lessons.

Reading Eggs Book Packs

Each Book Pack includes 10 books, a poster and sticker sheet, parent guide andFREE 14-day subscription to Reading Eggs. There are 8 Book Packs available.

Reading Eggs Activity Books

An excellent way for children to read and write. The 8 Activity Books reinforce the first 80 lessons of the Reading Eggs program. The activities include a wide range of activities that reinforce reading as well as writing.

Reading Eggs Flashcards

Alphabet Flashcards
52 alphabet and word cards + 7 fun phonics games. All cards are self-checking.

Beginning to read Flashcards
36 word building cards and 40 high frequency word cards + 5 phonics games. An excellent way to reinforce early phonics skills.

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