Meeting Distant Relatives

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I have written about how I love Facebook. Not because of Farmville, or CafeWorld, but for all the re-connections, and discoveries I have found. My Grandparents had divorced before my mother was born, so the most I knew about Grandpa’s family was just names and dates. Other than pictures the people behind those photos were a mystery to me. Well as soon as I got up the courage to get on Facebook the first person I searched for was my Grandma’s sister in law. I knew that my mother had been in contact with her in the past. Why not see if she was also on Facebook. Well she was and we have had a very nice friendship. This summer during our Las Vegas Trip, my family was able to visit with her Daughter, Sandra. My family really enjoyed sharing our vacation in Las Vegas with her. 

Recently she started a blog of her own, highlighting her business. Her blog is Hard Times Auctions, much better than Storage Wars. I wish her the best on her blog and hope others will check it out.


  1. I love facebook for the connections made possible. Glad you were able to spend some time with her.

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