My Angel- Grandma

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I first started my blog to preserve all the beautiful photos and memories my Grandma left when she passed away 4 years ago today. She was such an important part of my life for some many wonderful years, that I didn’t want the memories to be forgotten. There are so many memories we shared together, like when I was in the Zia Marching Band Competition, she spent the day with all of us. By the end of the day most in the Band started calling her the Band Grandma. I never introduced her by her name, Ola Mae, but as Grandma.

Ola Mae and Ula Mae

Grandma & Ula(her Mother)

Grandma was born October 30, 1926(d.Oct. 9, 2009), the oldest daughter to Raymond and Ula Mae (Akin) Durbin. She was the oldest of 4 children, Raymond Durbin( d. 1929), Phillip, and Patricia Durbin. She met her true love Elmer J. (June) Tryon sometime in the 1940’s, married each other April 15, 1947 after she had Graduated Business College. They had 3 lovely children, and divorced when my mother was a baby. She was a strong educated woman that raised her children on her own and helped my mom raise me for awhile. Later on she helped me raise my oldest after my divorce.

Elmer(June) & Ola

April 15, 1947

Ventura Dawn Stricker, Ola Mae Tryon

Grandma & I 1975

She taught me about researching and transcribing Genealogy. We would talk for hours about family photos and the history. Because my mom was a single mom, I would spend some afternoons with my Grandma at her office. She was a Medical Records Clerk for the University of New Mexico, she’d take me around to meet all her friends and they would teach me how to file records.

Ola Mae with Dawn (& Ula Mae) edgewood land

Grandma & I 1978

Edgewood, NM

looking at the land she purchased.

She was a beautiful woman that many loved. She made beautiful quilts, afghans, painted and warmed the hearts of everyone she met. She is missed and will never be forgotten.

10-13-2009 8;24;23 PM Grandma and my 1st holy communion

Grandma & I 1985

10-13-2009 7;40;47 PM grandma & I graduation day

May 2002

Wedding template 1-004

June 2004

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