October is Family History Month

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Happy Monday, it is amazing that the year is nearly over. October is Family History Month, and with the Holidays around the corner there will be plenty of time to share memories, both past and present with family. This year I met a distant relative through my Grandfather Tryon’s side. We have been exchanging information about Andrew E. Tryon, when some of the information sounded very familiar. It was familiar, but not because it was the same person, but because a relative on my Grandma’s side was in the same location as Andrew’s father Jeremiah Tryon was during the Civil War.

Great,Great Grandfather Jeremiah Tryon  died in Shelby Co. TN during the Civil War, d. Oct 20, 1863. 10 months prior to  Great Great Grandfather( Augustus Williams) on Dec 19, 1862. Both these gentlemen were the Great Great Grandfathers of Elmer(June) Tryon and Ola Mae Durbin(Tryon).  If my cousin and I hadn’t started sharing information we would have never connected that our families had possibly known each other during the Civil War. I am looking forward to visiting with more family and discovering more about our family.


Here are some helpful tools to preserve and share your family history. How to Archive Family Keepsakes and my favorite the Flip pal.


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