Old Memories renewed.

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I was cleaning up my laptop bag, it had been awhile since I used it last and Squeak(my cat) must think I need all his extra fur, when I came across an old paper. I almost just tossed it, looked like an old coupon. But the writing on the back caught my eye. It was an old newspaper clipping of my grandma’s accident when she was 4 years old. My Great Grandma Ula had written on the back. Here is a picture of Grandma around the age of 4 yrs old with Aunt Lovella, sitting on a car.

Article reads

Child’s Face Cut When Cars Collide

The four year old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Durbin, 1218 South Walter Street, was cut on the face Tuesday after-noon when thrown against the windshield of the family car in a collision at Fourth street and Tijeras avenue. The child was taken to a doctor’s office, where several stitches were taken in one cut.

The car driven by the child’s mother was going west on Tijeras avenue, crossing the inter-section, when struck by George Hanosh of 517 West Fruit avenue, according to police. The youth was turning from Tijeras avenue into Fourth street at the time.

on the back in Great Grandma Ula’s writing, says

” I was going east tho, he was coming west and cut the corner. Never held out his hand or nothing.”

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