Our visit to the Jordan World Circus!

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We had the pleasure to visit the Jordan World Circus this past weekend in Ogden, Utah! This was our second year visiting this circus and loved seeing all of the performances again this year. The kids had enjoyed lasts years visit so much that they were overjoyed to go again. The kids were able to chose if they wanted to ride on ponies, a camel, or an elephant. You can even choose to have your face painted or play in a bouncy house during the intermissions.



Our kids got a chance to ride on a camel this time. They really enjoyed seeing a camel.



They started the show with beautiful dancers and the circus conductor. These performers are amazing, and so talented.


The next set of stars of the Jordan World Circus is the tigers. These beautiful tigers are amazing, so tame, and enjoyed performing tricks for treats. Reminded me of how our cats are at home, they will do anything for tuna treat.  The tigers then jumped through a fire hoop and went into their cage. There were three rings where performers would do the high wire performance, a hula performance, and performing puppies.


The crossbow act was a new act and amazing how well they worked together. When he turned his back to his assistant, with a hood on, only directed by her voice to shoot an arrow to pop a balloon above her head was breath taking.


We were amazed with all the gymnastics, acrobatics, jumping, and talent that the performers have. They don’t have any safety nets and rely completely on each other. Some acts like the flying spider man and wheel of death are very entertaining solo acts.


My daughter really enjoyed the horse act, and the boys enjoyed the motorcycle act. The horse act they did musical circles, where they were to stop inside a circle when the music stopped. Part of the act was one horse who wouldn’t get into the circle until begged. I love how smart horses are.


There was so much to see in the three hours and we really enjoyed all of the event! At the end of the event this year they had a man shoot out of a cannon. Each of our kids enjoyed different sections of the circus; our daughter loved all of it, and the boys it was all about the bikes in the sphere for them. We will continue to visit this event in the future.


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