Preserving Documents from our past.

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We all have found those birth certificates, marriage licenses,  and land deeds with our loved ones belongings. What do you do with them?   While first thought is to toss them, since we already live in a paper clutter society. These are vital records of their lives, and ones you don’t have to pay for. Here are a couple from My Great Great Grandparents funerals. I was so thankful my Grandma was so good about keeping these documents, among others.

Gip Akin

from Gip Akin funeral


Nancy Ola Akin

Nancy Ola Akin memorial

These documents have some great info on who was present at the funerals and where more information maybe found through the church. I found out that my Grandfather Elmer(June) Tryon was one of the Pallbearers for my Great Great Grandfather Gip Akin in 1950.


My Grandmothers report cards through the years. She always told us stories of how strict Sister Mary Agnes was. These are only a few of many letters and documents we have to preserve.

I shared the Photo Preservation kit from Family Tree the other day and today I would like to share the Document Preservation kit they have.


The kit comes with:

Document Box

A Document Box made from archival-quality barrier board and metal-edged for strength and stability, this blue/gray legal-size document case is ideal for long-term storage of your materials. The flip-top lid provides quick and easy access to documents, and a pull string allows for quick retrieval from a shelf.

Buffered Reinforced Folders  
Independent Study Course

Buffered Reinforced Folders 15 legal-size envelopes and 15 letter-size envelopes acid free. The file folders with reinforced tabs provide reliable long-term paper storage. Each folder features three scores to expand the file for increased capacity, and the kit includes both legal and letter folders to accommodate items of varying sizes.

Expansion Tyvek Envelopes

Comes with 2 Expansion Tyvek Envelopes  9.5×12.5-inch envelopes. These are great for protecting the bulky items including pamphlets and even books or journals with these strong Dupont #18 Tyvek enclosures with anti-static coating. Extra-long flaps without adhesive allow envelopes to be opened and closed repeatedly. All seams are sealed with conservation-quality adhesive. My Grandma’s baby book is falling apart and this would help keep the pages from being lost.

Pre-strung Artifact Tags

Pre-strung Artifact Tags  are perfect to ID your heirlooms with a tag cut from archival folder stock and pre-strung with soft unbleached cotton string that’s knotted at the end. Simply write write your label, slip the string through your heirloom and loop it over the tag.

pb811 Permalife Bond Paper

Permalife Bond Paper –25 8.5×11-inch sheets and 25 8.5×14-inch sheets of this special paper to create archival-quality printouts and photocopies of family history documents, as well as interleave between original documents within folders. Permalife bond paper is permanent and durable—unlike regular office paper, it won’t yellow, discolor or become brittle.

Archival Gold CD in Polypropylene 

Archival Gold CD in Polypropylene, these are perfect discs for archiving and I use them often for my current photos. 

Disposable Cotton Gloves 

Archival Gloves and the Pigma Identi-Pen

Pigma Identi-Pen


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