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October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. My favorite scanner is honoring the cause with a lovely pink bag and cover with the Breast Cancer Awareness Ribbon. Normally the bundle costs 176.99 and on sale for 159.29. Last November my Aunt and Cousin gave me this scanner as a Birthday/Christmas gift. I have used this scanner a lot in this past year and love it as much today as I did when I received it. It doesn’t take any more room than a book, and is easy to use. No cords to worry about, all you need is Batteries, SD card, photos to scan. This is the perfect scanner to take Scrapbook Cropping, Craft fairs, and family gatherings.  This last weekend I found an old photo of my little sister and I around 1980, we were so little then and the photo is showing it’s age. Here is the scan of the photo. I will be able to now restore it in Photoshop and  preserving this digital copy of a fun moment at our Grandma’s house.


This is the Bundle


to buy the lid only click here

Flip-Pal mobile scanner lid cover - Pink

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