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My Grandma left a small selection of family photos, well actually it is only a few boxes worth of photos and documents that my Aunt has been sorting through. There are old negatives we are trying to find ways to get reprinted and scanned for family. I hear all the time of others who have a relative that has a collection of photos and memories in boxes in some closet. My Cousin has a trunk in her closet that was left behind by my Great Grandma, apparently there are love letters between my Great Grandparents to each other along with a collection of treasured memories. Below is my Grandma’s small collection, I was only able to get 572 scanned the last time I was there in November 2011, I really need another long weekend down there to go through more photos.








Finding these wonderful family artifacts can be a little overwhelming at first. I have found a great deal of resources on Shop Family Tree. The site has many resources on preserving your photos for future Generations. The best that I really enjoyed to start off with was the Photo Detective Collection, it has about everything you need to get started. You will need to buy some archival gloves before handling those old photos. The oil from your fingers will forever stain your memories. You can get great Archival Methods White Cotton Gloves Large, Package of 12 from Amazon. These are what I use and also bought for my Aunt to work with the photos she has.

I spent hours trying to fix this photo of my Grandma and her family from 60 years ago. It still needs more editing.

Above is before the edits, and below you can see finger prints from years of handling.


Preserve and Identify


  1. […] Disposable Cotton Gloves. This was something I got when I started working with our families old photos. While I do not toss them, I also try not to touch photos without these gloves. I had gotten mine around the time I got my flip pal and started restoring the photos digitally.  […]

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