ProBlogger- 31 Days to a Better Blog

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When I started my blog, I was mainly writing about my journey becoming a Accredited Genealogist. Blogging is not the easiest task in the world and there are many different areas to consider when you decide to blog. What is your goal with the blog, others will be reading what you write. As I wrote and met other bloggers it became apparent that I was studying “blogging” as much as I was researching Family History. One book that was repeatedly recommended to me was ProBlogger 31 Days to a Better Blog, by Darren Rowse Click here to view more details And so far this has helped me better organize my time and blog a lot better than it was in the past. Darren has written about many different ways to improve your Blog in a month, just following his workbook.

This is truly a good ebook that is worth your time and will help you build the blog that you want.

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