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Here are some really helpful resources for saving money. Some are coupon sites, some are books by Coupon Diva’s such as CouponMom and KrazyCoupon Lady. Both Ladies operate very helpful sites with fantastic information.


WeUseCoupons– Nathan from Extreme Coupons show owns this site, he also has coupons available on there.

Afullcup Forums: You can find sections for all the major stores including CVS, Rite Aid, Walgreens, Walmart, Target, as well as tons of grocery stores. You can discuss deals, coupons, and even everyday life. Coupon Database: Coupons from all sources and details can be found here. Coupon Trading: Need a coupon or have a coupon you won’t use. Trade the coupons you won’t use for the ones you need or want.


CellFire:Users can add coupons right to the stores grocery savings card. Use this tracking link only for text link & Static Banner Promotions. Stores Cellfire currently works with: Baker’s City Market Dillons Fry’s Gerbes Hilander JayC King Soopers Kroger Owen’s Pay Less QFC Ralphs Scott’s Smith’s Carrs Dominick’s Genuardi’s Pavilions Randall’s Safeway Tom Thumb Vons ShopRite.– you can Print Free Grocery Coupons!


Redplum: Use you can Print Free Grocery Coupons!


Sunday Coupon Preview: gives a preview of what to expect each week in your paper.



Books written by KrazyCouponLady and CouponMom are the two I highly recommend. Their techniques fit our family best, there is also a huge list in the back of CouponMom’s book on how to cut your healthy food bill down. She goes into great detail how the MYTH that coupons are only for junk food and shares sites and links to get your bill down.


Pick Another Checkout Lane, Honey: Save Big Money & Make the Grocery Aisle your Catwalk!   available in book form or for your Kindle.


The Coupon Mom’s Guide to Cutting Your Grocery Bills in Half: The Strategic Shopping Method Proven to Slash Food and Drugstore Costs also available on the Kindle

How to keep all those Coupons? There are so many techniques and each person opinion is different. I use a Couponizer and Binder system for my coupons(which really need a good cleaning after the holidays.) Coupon Clutch has some cute patterns to make your binder look like a tote. I will post photos of mine later on today. You just have to find which techique fits you. There is no wrong way, just different ways.

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