Road Trip to Las Vegas

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I  really love taking a vacation and just drive all the way there. You see so much more, and for me it is an inspiration for my crafts. Recently we drove all the way to Vegas, not for the Casino’s, but for the shows- Sirens of Treasure Island, the Volcano at the Mirage, M&M World, Hoover Dam, and the main reason we went was to see the Titanic Artifact Exhibit. There just is so much outside to enjoy that we hardly went in. And the drive between Northwestern Arizona and Nevada was breath taking, with deep windy canyons. It is the second time I have been there, and it only got better. There still is so much we didn’t even get a chance to see.

My family enjoyed all the sites we saw. Did the tour at the Hoover Dam, visited a huge fish tank at the Silverton Casino, where the OCC Pro Base Bike is on display. They enjoyed the chocolate at the M&M World exhibit, and the chocolate from the Ethal M Chocolate Factory.

But for me, my dream came true when I got the chance to see the Exhibit of the Titanic at the Luxor. There are so many artifacts that have been retrieved and carry a story of whom they belonged to. The perfume still has the strong fragrances that were once popular. Post Cards are still in readable condition, the Grand Stair Case built to scale, Coal from the Wreck, and the Big piece. The big Piece was brought up in 2001 after several failed attempts. It is small in size when compared to how large the ship was. It measures 25 ft by 15 ft and is 80 tons. It is scheduled to be at the Luxor til 2014.. Here is a photo of the second class dinner plate, we got 6 for our family.

We got the opportunity to also visit the Hoover Dam, take the power plant tour. It was fun to learn about the Dam, how it was developed, and how it got its name. Hoover had been the inspiration and supporter of the Dam, it was to help 7 states keep their water rights, help keep from flooding, and offer water for farming of food. It wasn’t until 1947 that it was named the Hoover Dam, it was completed in 1935.

I am really going to enjoy scrapping this trip, and the kids really enjoyed themselves.

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