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I stumbled upon since I have been designing my new design. has several wonderful quality Royality free stock photo’s and more. iStockphoto is the original source for the user-generated, royality-free stock photos, illustrations, videos, audio and flash. No matter what you are looking for you can find it there. And to add to a wonderful program it is affordable, free to join.



  1. Interested in creating a memory-maker and sentimental keepsake? This new product line, Treasured Passages, offers a collection of fun Letter Books that two people create together using the vintage cards provided in each book.

    If you're a memory-maker, dreamer, sentimental-softie like myself, you'll love these all-encompassing, cutting-edge keepsakes that wrap all your special memories of treasured relationships into one beautiful package.

    Here’s how they work: each Letter Book contains a drawer in the back of the book with cards and envelopes. Each page has an activity to be completed – sometimes answering a few questions, and sometimes sending a letter. Once the task is complete, the answers or letters are stored in specially-designed spaces within the Letter Book. The result is a fun, personal recording of the relationship bursting at the seams with secrets, insights and laughter.

    The line consists of 4 different books, Mother/Daughter, Couples, Sisters & Friends. Intricately designed with a vintage flair and beautifully hardbound, the Letter Book is a meaningful gift for any occasion.

    See them online at, or call 1.800.590.1533 with any questions.

    I hope you enjoy this product as much as I do!!

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