Ahoy Matey

This time last summer we went to Las Vegas, NV to see the Titanic Exhibit and met with a long lost relative. She took us to see the Siren’s of Treasure Island. Everyone had a lot of fun watching the pirates fight with the Witches. Tons of Canons exploding, water splashing, and even though the [Read On]


Many feel that Vegas is a place only for adults. Depends on what you are looking for in a vacation. For us and our little ones, we had a blast visiting the G rated parts of the strip. There is M&M World, where the M&M Nascar is on Display, and tons of chocolate for the [Read On]

Road Trip to Las Vegas

I  really love taking a vacation and just drive all the way there. You see so much more, and for me it is an inspiration for my crafts. Recently we drove all the way to Vegas, not for the Casino’s, but for the shows- Sirens of Treasure Island, the Volcano at the Mirage, M&M World, [Read On]

Meeting Distant Relatives