Life of Fred Buyers Guide.

I am always looking around for new idea’s and something to add to our kids home school curriculum. I have heard so much about Life of Fred learning, that it has peeked my interest.  My youngest is struggling with her reading, she was diagnosed with dyslexia. Something that I do understand the struggle, I was [Read On]

My kids have been using ABCmouse for the last few years and they love it. There are so many learning games, coloring pages, puzzles, books, and music.  There are over 450 different lessons and with each completed lesson they receive tickets and rewards. They can build a virtual room, a virtual fish tank and hamster [Read On]

Reading Kingdom Review

  I am home educating my 6 and 5 year old sons who are starting Kindergarten and one preschoolers who 3 years old. Setting the foundation for strong reading skills is a top priority in my classroom. In addition to our reading curriculum, I also add supplemental resources to ensure a comprehensive reading program. My 6 [Read On]