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March is known for green clover’s, the Luck of the Irish, and celebrating Saint Patrick’s lifelong contributions to Ireland. It was no wonder that Family Tree Magazine would have a special on their Kit of the Month- Irish Ancestry. While we enjoy all the fun festive parties, old traditions, wearing green, and green beer. So many are unaware of  how Saint Patrick ties into Irish History and St. Patty’s Day. He was born in Wales, England, was kidnapped and brought to Ireland to be a slave. He spent 6 years in Ireland as a slave before he escaped and returned to Wales. Later in Life he returned to Ireland as an ordained bishop for the Roman Catholic Chruch. There are many legends of Patrick, such as chasing all the snakes out of Ireland. However he is best known for his dedicated work to help the poor and the date of his death- March 17.

As a young girl my Uncle had joined the Little Brothers of Good Shepard. The Founder Brother Mathias Barrett had traveled from Ireland as a young man, joined the Catholic Church, helped so many and was born on March 17, 1900. While my Uncle was study When I received my First Holy Communion, he gave up his seat so that I wouldn’t have to kneel the entire ceremony. Later that day, he gave my family a photograph of him before he had left Ireland. The stories were so fascinating to me. We had family ancestors who had migrated from Ireland in the late 19th Century and the way he shared memories of his life made me feel closer to my ancestors.

Family Tree Magazine has made discovering those Irish Ancestors easier with this Kit of the Month the Irish Ancestry Value Pack. These kits are packed with tons of resources to help you through your Journey discovering your ancestors. I purchased mine and can’t wait to dig into all the wonderful resources included in this kit.



Irish Ancestry Value Pack  includes:

The pack includes a course, ebook and two downloads packed with practical advice for overcoming the challenges of tracing your Irish ancestors.

Bonus: This Value Pack includes a 25% off coupon for our online Irish Research 201 course when you’re ready to take the next steps and learn how to search overseas records.

Irish Research 101: Family Tree University Independent Study Course (Download)
This independent study course will help you successfully use US records to determine who your Irish immigrant ancestors were and learn from where in Ireland they came.
RETAIL: $99.99

Genealogist’s Guide to Discovering Irish Ancestors (eBook Download) From maps and translations to pedigree charts, this guide provides the information you need, featuring basic instruction for gathering, verifying, recording and organizing your findings.
RETAIL: $24.99

Research Strategies: 6 Essential Irish Genealogy Sources (Download) This 6-page guide from Family Tree Magazine covers often-overlooked resources that are valuable sources for genealogists tracing Irish roots.
RETAIL: $4.00

Step-by-Step Guide: Irish Genealogy Guide (Download) May the road to your roots rise up to meet you–just follow these seven steps for tracing Irish ancestors.
RETAIL: $4.00


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