We went to the Circus!

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We were invited recently to visit the Jordan World Circus and it was quite fun. This was the first Jordan World Circus that we had ever been to.  The kids had been asking to go for the past few months, and this invitation came at the perfect time. We went on Friday night to avoid the larger weekend crowds. The kids were able to chose if they wanted to ride on ponies, a camel, or an elephant. They choose to ride on the ponies and the elephant.



The show begun with the Tigers, they are such beautiful animals and did several tricks for treats. They were so fun to watch, constantly doing something for the next treat, reminded me of our two cats at home. The tigers then jumped through a fire hoop and went into their cage. There were three rings where performers would do the high wire performance, a hula performance, balancing containers on their heads, contortionists and performing puppies.


Hula dancer




balancing a container

There was so much to see and we really enjoyed all of the event! Each of our kids enjoyed different sections of the circus; our daughter loved all of it, and the boys it was all about the bikes in the sphere for them. This is something that we will place on our annual outings to do list.

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