Frozen Puppy Treats

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 A few months back we welcomed two new puppies into our home after the passing of Winnie. We had brought home Flash a few weeks before we could bring home Dexter from the rescue who was taking care of him and his mom. The two puppies are a few weeks apart in age, yet their personalities are worlds apart. Flash is a very relaxed mellow pup that loves to sleep, while Dexter is very social and active. 

Mr Dexter & Mr Flash

The lady that we had gotten Flash from had been very helpful; she told me that the mother had stopped feeding Flash and what food he had been eating. That he wasn’t house trained and he was a great little puppy. He has been the cleanest puppy I have ever had. When we brought home Dexter the story was very much different. They didn’t know what food he was on, claimed he was house trained, and got along with cats. We are still working on the cats, and a dog door is NOT house training! He was also carried a lot which at first was a huge adjustment for the little guy. They both bonded very quickly and hate being apart for long. 


dex and flash



Shortly after I had brought home the puppies; I was informed that the food I had just switched Winnie to in December was the same that was being questioned for killing dogs. I am not sure if the claims are valid or not. They would never be able to bring Winnie back, but it did make me do further research on dog foods. It was an eye opener for me as to what was good for them, and what natural foods they could have. I did decide to place the puppies on a grain free food completely. They are so pampered, pure pumpkin, peanut butter home made treats, apple slices, strawberries, sweet potatoes, frozen plain yogurt, and carrots.  Here is what their lunch treats look like. 


puppies lunch


I also freeze a lot of the treats for later use. I have been saving recipes on Pinterest.

yogurt treats2


1 cup plain yogurt

1 tsp honey

1 Tbsp peanut butter

stir and fill molds freeze and serve as a treat you can find the molds on Amazon.


yogurt treats


Kong  Frozen Treats

kong treats1


kong treats

and  their favorite treat is frozen pumpkin.


Makes (2 ounce) treats


1 cups of low fat plain yogurt (no sugar, no additives)

1- 29 ounce can of pure pumpkin 

1/3 cup all natural peanut butter 

Mix together and freeze for later.

Dexter enjoys the tiny treats.


p style=”text-align: center;”>20150920_151911

The puppies have been a perfect addition to our family. Dexter loves playing with the kids old golf toys, and Flash loves running and catching squeaking toys. I share their photos often on Instagram.



  1. Great post! I will be trying some of these recipes for my schnauzer!

  2. Adorable puppies! Will share this with my dog owning friends! Thanks. 🙂

  3. Aww, these look great! I know my puppies would love them. They love eating ice when it drops in the floor (and they basically love eating anything)!

  4. I will have to try some of these! Thank you for sharing!

  5. cute puppies!! these treats look so good I am afraid I will eat them all if I make them for my dogs!! My dogs will love these though…I need to try to make some of these…and super cute trays you freeze them in too!

  6. I dont have a dog but these look interesting so i will forward this to my collegue who has dogs

  7. I don’t have any pets, but these sound pretty healthy for a pooch 🙂

  8. I may have to make these, my dog just has some dental surgery and I’m sure some cool treats would be very soothing.


  9. Cute molds! Wow, your pups have grown so much in the few months between those photos. They must be loving the healthy treats and food you provide.

    • Thank you, I really love the molds and they can be used for treats for the kids. They are growing fast, Flash the larger pup is half German Shepard and considered small for his breed.

  10. Our favorite mom and pop ice cream store does frozen doggie treats! Some day when we have a dog I’ll definitely try them and see if they like them!

  11. I love this! I have always wanted to make our dog her own treats, but I get worried about what they can and can’t have! This is great! Thank you for sharing!

  12. I’m always looking for new treats to feed my dogs. I have to be really careful with Rosa because she has so many allergies but I’m sure she would love some frozen treats! They look so cute too!!!!

  13. I don’t have any dogs now mine died from an accident a couple of years ago and I just haven’t been ready to put my heart out there again. I used to give my dog frozen treats all the time and he loved them.

  14. deborahdennert2014 says

    Looks like a healthy recipe for dogs! I’ve never tried to make pet treats but bet it is nice knowing the ingredients and that your pet is safe.

  15. Shalama Jackson says

    Interesting idea for making frozen treats for your animals. I may need to research this idea for our four legged family member.

  16. How cute! What a great idea!

  17. I got my dog some frozen treats during the summer and he loved them!! Now I can just make my own…thanks! 🙂

  18. What a simple treat for your animal. Yum!

  19. hard to pass the puppies – they are SO cute! 😀

  20. First off those are the cutest puppies! I can not wait to get our kiddos working on operation puppy treat. Our two rescues will love it; it’s still hot here in TX so they could use a cool treat. Thanks for sharing:) #commentathon

  21. Easy ingredients we have around the house. Thanks for the recipes! I have a picky little girl and I know she will eat these treats.

  22. Great idea fr Xmas gifts!

  23. Nice!! I don’t have a dog, but some of these treats look great 😀

  24. I’m so sorry you lost your Winnie. It breaks my heart to hear things like that. We have two golden retrievers and I know exactly what you mean about having your eyes opened about their food. Our two will never again have anything produced by Purina (which just bought out Zuke’s, their favorite hip treats). Sad to say but I check the labels on their food more closely than I do my own. And I love making frozen treats for them. The peanut butter/honey recipe is their favorite. I sometimes throw in a banana just to mix things up. I’ll have to try out the pumpkin recipe though!

    • Thank you. I miss her a lot, she was always by my side. I couldn’t believe the low quality of ingredients in the Purina food. I know what you mean about checking their food closer than my own. I hope your dogs treats aren’t ruined by Purina. I will have to try the banana into the peanut butter/honey recipe. I love finding different molds to create these for them.

  25. How original! I love things that can be frozen and saved for later.


  26. Love the recipe! Healthy and so easy to assemble. Wishing you nothing but the best with the pups!!

  27. Tammy Hoffer says

    Cute puppies. I think it’s great you change their food. Sometimes grains can cause problems. After reading your post I think I want to start making my dog some treats now.

  28. Wow, I never really thought of frozen treats for my dog but I love this idea, especially for the summer.

  29. What a great idea, I have to tell my mom about this…she has a cute peek-a-poo who is her baby!

  30. I don’t have a dog but this totally looks yummy for them!

  31. Oh my gosh they are soooo cute!!!

  32. I love this post! I can’t wait to try making these for my dog!

  33. danicainspires2015 says

    My babies will love these. Thanks for sharing 😉

  34. Great idea for dogs.

  35. Those treats look good enough for humans to eat!

  36. Oh I need to remember these for the summer!

  37. I like your post, I like the treats

  38. Juanita E. Gaynor says

    Cute! I don’t have any pets but I will definitely pass on to a few friends I know who have pets.

  39. These are awesome ideas!! We have 3 spoiled, very different personalities, in our family. These guys get more couch than us. Keeping them healthy is very important to us. We have talked about making their treats “home made” and not sure how to go about it. Thanks for the info!

  40. That’s very interesting! I think I’ll start researching dog food myself

  41. Thank you for sharing the new additions to your family. They are adorable! Most people forget that family health includes the pets, too. Making your own food is a great way to ensure that, and your molds are super cute.

  42. I love your molds. They are super cute and I know your puppies love them. Great post.

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