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Last May we were invited to visit the new SeaQuest Interactive Aquarium that was being built at the Layton Mall in Northern Utah.

Our kids fell in love with all of the animals we met that day.


The SeaQuest Interactive Aquarium opened in December 2016 and we have been there a couple times already since then.  We love that our kids can touch the animals, feed the birds, and interact while learning about them.

Here is a list of some of the things we saw while we were there.

Amazon Rainforest: Freshwater Stingrays, Iguanas, Snapping Turtle
California Coast: Wolf Eel, Starfish, Anemones, Moon Jellyfish
Creatures of Light: Giant Scorpion, Axolotl, Red-Eyed Tree Frogs
Mayan Jungle: Eels, Coral and Reef Fish, Brazilian Seahorse, River Fish
The Boardwalk: Macaws, Doctor Fish, Interactive floor games
Shark Lagoon: Grey Smooth Hound Shark, Bamboo Shark, Nurse Shark, Green Moray Eels
Caribbean Cove: Cownose Rays, Southern Rays, Bat Rays, Blacktip Sharks, Leopard Sharks
Egyptian Desert: Giant Sulcata Tortoise, Black & White Tegu Lizards, Coconut Crabs, Baby Turtles
Pirate Ship: Yellow Tangs, Blue Tangs, Emperor Angels, Queen Angels, Lionfish
We met the Mermaid and fed birds.
But the favorite part of our trip was getting our fish pedicure. It was a relaxing experience, that our kids have been asking to go do this again soon. We plan on spending a lot of time there this summer. My daughter is wanting her birthday party to be at SeaQuest Interactive Aquarium this summer; another one of the options you have at SeaQuest. We love having something so fun and wonderful nearby to visit.



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