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OK food critics have nothing on me. Are you ready for my Winder Farms review? I have to say there is nothing I enjoy more than food. I wish I could say I was one of those girls who went out on dates and just ate a few leaves and a tomato. That was never me. Even when I would date my husband (well he wasn’t my husband at the time and thus the dating part) he would cook for me. I’d come over and he made lasagna or home made chicken fajitas and I’d eat every bite. Some have a love hate relationship with food. I just love to love it. So it was pretty cool when Winder Farms asked if I’d like to try some of their food and conduct my own little Winder Farms Review. Raspberry Chocolate Milk, Carmel Chocolate Milk, fresh fruit and more? Yea I can handle that. Did they even really need to ask?

Oh and as you are reading this and thinking how much you love me guess what Winder Farms has decided to do ? They are going to let you try their new flavored milks FREE(Raspberry Chocolate and Caramel Chocolate) for customers in Las Vegas and Mesquite to order a free sample. I know do your happy dance it’s OK.

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Just click this link to get your free sample. ( if you do want the full service just remember to add Mompreneur513 in the promo code!

My first delivery was a surprise they served up some chocolate chip pumpkin bread. I tried to rashon it out but let’s just say I find myself doing squats at weird times of the day and night for no reason at all throughout my house.

Winder Farms

Winder Farms Review Healthy Food

It’s really a cool feeling when you hear the truck come to the door and you know they are delivering fresh food just for you. I know this because I’m up working on my blog talking to you guys at 2 am and here comes the truck. Or maybe I’m secretly waiting for my food.

Anyway even though I love Winder Farms and I’m thankful for the great treats what good does it do if I’m the only one who gets to enjoy it?

Winder Farms has decided to give you a great offer. One lucky winner will get their own home delivery chocked full of amazing food delivered straight to their door. You do NOT have to become a Winder Farms customer to win but you must be a Vegas or Utah resident to claim the prize.

Secondly if you want to sign up to test out your own Winder Farms service you can receive $25 in FREE groceries just by using the coupon code Mompreneur513. (In order to receive the free groceries you need to sign up for the service.)

Just click this box below and enjoy.

Winder Farms

And because Winder Farms is so awesome they’ve decided to do an awesome giveaway just for you! All you have to do is enter to win and you too can enjoy your own basket of fresh fruit, or cheese or amazing fresh food delivered to your door. So check out the giveaway below and good luck!

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For more information about Winder Farms and their flavored milks check out the Press Release Below.

Disclosure:At times I will receive payment or products for the purpose of reviews, my opinion however has no price. All views are honest and %100 mine.

LAS VEGAS – March 27, 2013 – Winder Farms, a premier grocery home delivery company in Southern Nevada, has added two delicious milk flavors to its award-winning line of chocolate milk: Raspberry Chocolate and Caramel Chocolate. To celebrate the launch of these tasty drinks, Winder Farms is offering free samples for a limited time only.


To receive a free sample of the new milk flavors, log on to, click on “request a free sample” and choose from Raspberry Chocolate or Caramel Chocolate. In just a few days, Winder Farms will hand-deliver the milk to your door.


“We are always looking for original flavors to add to our wide selection of milk products,” said Ashley Vanderhoof, marketing manager at Winder Farms. “Free samples are a great way for our customers to try the new flavors and I’m sure they will agree they are delicious.”


Raspberry Chocolate, available in the half-gallon size, combines Winder Farms award-winning chocolate milk with the fresh taste of raspberries for a delicious fusion of tart and sweet. Caramel Chocolate, available in 16 oz. bottles, blends rich caramel with chocolate for a smooth salty-sweet flavor. The two new flavors join their lineup of unique flavors available on a rotating basis throughout the year including: Root Beer Milk, designed to taste like a root beer float, Orange Vanilla Milk, similar to the refreshing taste of a Creamsicle, Cookies and Cream, Peaches and Cream and many more.


Winder Farms milk reaches the customer’s front door roughly 36 hours after it leaves the farm and comes from cows free from artificial growth hormones or antibiotics. In addition to their uniquely flavored milks, Winder Farms offers classic flavors including White, Strawberry and Chocolate and sports drinks Chocolate Milk Recovery and the lower-calorie Protein Plus Nutritional Shake, featuring chocolate milk fortified with added proteins, carbohydrates, amino acids and minerals.


About Winder Farms:

Winder Farms offers more than 300 farm fresh products to customers in Utah, Las Vegas and Mesquite, NV— and delivers them right to customers’ doors every week. As a “farmers market on wheels” product choices includes all natural dairy items, eggs and cheese, fruits and vegetables, salads, meats, freshly made pasta, fresh baked breads, dinner entrees and much more. It is easy to get started—customers simply place a standing order for delivery each week and can make changes online by 8 p.m. the night before the scheduled delivery date. The items are then delivered in a cooler outside our customers’ homes before 8 a.m. Learn more by visiting

Customers can order by calling 1.800.WINDER1 (1.800.946.3371) or log on to


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