1940’s Classic Comics: Katy Keene

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As a young girl, my Grandma’s house was so fascinating to me. There were so many old photograph’s, paintings by family, Archie Comics, and Katy Keene paper dolls.

I had seen Katy Keene in several of the comics she had and always LOVE the classic style Katy Keene displayed. Such elegance, beauty, and grace.  Katy Keene was born in summer 1945 in the Wilbur comic, and was in many of the Archie Comics during the 1940’s. My Aunt told me that my Grandma would draw dresses for the Katy Keene paper doll. Katy’s  comics encouraged  readers to share original drawings of outfits and accessories for her and her friends to wear. Many of the designs for automobiles, homes, interiors, rocket ships, trailers and boats were also drawn by fans.  Katy and Archie Comics are my favorite way to relax. What are your favorite Comics?



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