Ultimate Census Research Collection

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Genealogy Value Packs for the Month of April is Ultimate Census Research Collection. With the release of the 1940’s US Census tomorrow starting with the first five(5) states being Delaware, Virginia, Kansas, Oregon, and Colorado, this kit from the Family Tree shop is a perfect companion.

Ultimate Census Research Collection

Celebrate the release of the 1940 census with our Ultimate Collection of resources for census research! A course, two video tutorials and a CD of how-to guides will help you make new ancestral discoveries in everyone’s favorite family history source.

The Family Tree Ultimate Census Research Collection includes:

Finding Ancestors in the US Census: Family Tree University Independent Study Course(Download)
This independent study course covers the early censuses from 1790 through 1840, and censuses that list all household members, from 1850 through 1930.
RETAIL: $99.99


Online Census Secrets: Best Websites and Strategies to Find Your Ancestors
(OnDemand Webinar)
To successfully trace your ancestors, you need to know where to look and how to make the most of census websites. This hour-long webinar will tell you exactly what you need to know to make the most of the US censuses available online.
RETAIL: $39.99


Making Sense of Pre-1850 Censuses(OnDemand Video Class)
Don’t get tripped up by tick marks—this class will teach you techniques to tease useful clues from the early US censuses where all residents’ names weren’t recorded.
RETAIL: $29.99


Census Secrets (CD)
This CD has tools and how-to’s to help you get past census research obstacles, including quick-reference guides that put census facts at your fingertips and worksheets and checklists to track your finds.
RETAIL: $19.99


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